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Dr. Shoemaker uses the latest techniques in children's dentistry and attends to their needs with thoughtful compassion. She puts her young patients at ease, and they enjoy being in her care. She shows them proper brushing and flossing, so they can help to keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime. Our team enjoys all their dental visits and watching them change, year after year.

No More Dental Fears

We strive to ensure this generation of children and those thereafter grow up feeling at ease with dental care. We help our parents with their children to relieve their fears or calm them by making our office a happy place to visit. Parents have told us we are very good at accomplishing this task.

Your Children's Dentist Is Necessary for Good HealthKids Dentist Jeffersonville IN

A healthy smile is an important part of looking and feeling good and maintaining overall good health. We strive to instill good daily dental hygiene in our children at an early age, so they keep their natural adult teeth for a lifetime. This is very important, as children's teeth are quite susceptible to cavities during their youth. We encourage parents to oversee children's brushing and flossing to be sure they do a good job.

There are various reasons kids develop cavities easily. They usually don't brush as well as they should. They miss areas in the contours of back teeth and between teeth, allowing plaque to build up and decay to set in.

They also eat more frequently throughout the day. Every time food is chewed, acid is produced to help in breakdown and digestion. This acid can also contribute to cavities, if proper daily hygiene is not followed.

As continual exposure to acid occurs from eating and drinking, teeth that are already not free of plaque will develop cavities more rapidly. The answer is thorough daily cleaning, healthier food choices, and one application of dental sealants that will mineralize and help to protect against decay.

A Quick and Easy Treatment to Prevent Child Tooth DecayPreventive Dental Sealants Jeffersonville IN

Sometimes even careful brushing misses the contours of back teeth. Decay will form with the build up of bacteria and plaque, and that means a restoration is needed. There is a preventive technique that will greatly help. One application of a dental sealant does the trick to help children and adolescents preserve their natural teeth for a lifetime.

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