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We want you to be happy with your smile, and with today's advanced techniques, you can have the smile of your dreams in less time than you ever imagined. We take care of health as well as cosmetic aspects that will give your smile a naturally dazzling appearance. Come in and let us discuss the many options of veneers, crowns, whitening, and bonding to give you an affordable, natural-looking smile!

A New Smile in Just Two Visits!

Don't fret about your smile, remake it! Perhaps you've assumed the smile of your dreams would be impossible to achieve. But unsightly gaps, severe discoloration, or even misshapen teeth can be corrected in as little as two visits! With porcelain veneers you can have the look of straight, uniform teeth to achieve a naturally beautiful smile! Veneers are made of the best dental ceramic and are very durable. They bond to your natural teeth and are permanent.

Veneers also can be used to repair a cracked or chipped tooth. They are made to match the shade of other teeth, so they blend in to give you a full and good-looking smile!

A Crown May Be the Solution

When a tooth is too broken or worn away or decayed and a regular filling will not work as a restoration, a crown will be the appropriate solution. We use high-quality materials to make your crown, and it looks as natural and functions as well as your real tooth.Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist Jeffersonville IN

Let Your Smile Be Dazzling!

With Philips ZOOM!™ Whitening, Dr. Shoemaker can return your dull and stained teeth to a brilliant white! As shown in Rolling Stone and InStyle magazines, your smile can be just as dazzling!

We also make custom whitening trays in our lab. This procedure is safe and produces results in 1 – 14 days. You finish the procedure at home, following the instructions and using the supplies that we provide.

No Metal FillingsWhite Dental Fillings Jeffersonville IN

Many patients are familiar with the silver-mercury amalgam that has been used as the basic filling material for cavity restoration for years. They are not aesthetically pleasing, contrasting with your natural tooth color and making the restoration very noticeable. They also loosen after a period of time, as metal does not bond well to enamel. This allows decay to set in around the filling.

We use only modern restorations, made from composite resins and chosen to match the shade of the tooth. They are nearly invisible and add to the attractiveness of your smile. They also provide added strength to a tooth and bond tightly, greatly reducing the chances of decay setting in.

Relieving Pain and Other Problems with Full-Mouth RehabilitationSmile Makeovers Dentistry Jeffersonville IN

Perhaps you are suffering from jaw, neck, or shoulder pain, or migraines and headaches, and do not realize that they can originate with bite and teeth problems. Dr. Shoemaker provides full-mouth rehabilitation to relieve problems caused by tooth grinding, improper bite, periodontitis, chronic bad breath, and unattractive teeth. She will take the time to fully discuss a treatment plan and address your concerns and goals. Through digital X-rays, imprints of your bite, and photos, she derives a plan to alleviate the problem. We also discuss phased treatment and financial planning to make your needed treatment possible.

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