Safe Sterilization of Instruments and Dental Tools

After each treatment, every dental instrument that is not discarded is sterilized in an autoclave. This special device thoroughly cleans instruments for assured safety for the next use. The autoclave is monitored by an outside lab, and we follow strict standards in dental procedures. We can assure you we never take even the slightest risk with your health.

The Best Results in ComfortIsolite - Dental Patient Comfort

No longer do patients have to put up with a bulky rubber dam to maintain the needed dry area during treatment. We are very pleased to introduce Isolite®, an incredible technology that makes treatment comfortable for our patients. It is a combination of a suction device to eliminate saliva and debris and a bright light that eliminates shadows in your mouth for very accurate work. This is another advancement that makes treatment easier, faster, and more precise.

A New Approach to Cavity Removal

Say good-bye to drilling and needles! For many treatments, the conventional needle and drill has gone by the wayside. Modern technology includes air abrasion, which releases a stream of minute particles and air aimed at the site of decay. Very gently, it mists away the cavity. Most patients require no or very little anesthesia. This is truly one of the most amazing dental technology devices to be developed.

Easy X-rays with Less RadiationDigital Dental Xrays Jeffersonville IN

We use only digital X-rays, which have no waiting time for the image to be produced. A digital sensor in your mouth produces a panoramic image of your teeth and jaw. It is immediately available for viewing on a computer screen. No chemicals that are harmful to the environment are used in the process, and radiation is 75% less than conventional X-rays.

Root Canals Save Teeth

During a root canal procedure, the interior pulp of the tooth is removed. It is packed with a suitable filling, which allows the tooth to be kept intact and be functional again.

Some patients have dreaded this therapy in the past, but it is important to know that Dr. Shoemaker uses the latest advancements together with effective anesthesia. There is often no trace of pain during or after the procedure. Keeping a tooth instead of extracting it avoids other dental problems in the future, such as bone loss in the jaw and shifting teeth.

Quick and Easy Detection of Oral CancerOral Cancer Screening Jeffersonville IN

Don't become another oral cancer statistic. Every year an estimated 29,000 cases are diagnosed. The earlier a problem is identified, the more successful the treatment can be. We are very pleased to provide a noninvasive method of identifying abnormalities in your mouth. With ViziLite™, a special light designed to make these abnormalities easier to see, Dr. Shoemaker can provide a screening that could even save your life. 

No More Hours of Numbness after Treatment!

After treatment, the effect of numbness and rubbery lips from the anesthesia will last for another three to five hours. For some patients, this feeling is very uncomfortable and they find speaking or eating difficult. With OraVerse™, you can reverse the effect in just 15 minutes! This amazing product changes the awkward sensation in your lips and mouth back to normal, so you no longer have to endure feeling uncomfortable for hours after treatment.

Improved Athletic PerformanceCustom Designed Athletic Mouthguards Jeffersonville

You can increase your athletic performance with a properly aligned jaw! If you seek better balance, improved strength, and longer endurance, let us provide you with a custom-made mouthguard. AmourBite is the result of 40 years of neuromuscular research that will give you an extra edge in your sporting events. You may not even be aware that the jaw has an effect on your power and skill, but our athletes have confirmed that UnderArmour ArmourBite Mouthguard™ makes a difference for them – and it will do the same for you!



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