TMJ/TMD Treatment

Proper Bite Alignment Relieves Pain from TMJ/TMD

It has been determined that a dental malocclusion (an improper bite) can often be the cause of migraines, sore and popping jaws, and shoulder and neck pain. If your teeth do not come together as they naturally should, tension in the jaw and surrounding areas of muscle may occur. We can restore your bite to a correct position to rid you of these problems and frequent pain.

Dr. Shoemaker has received extensive training for this type of therapy, referred to as neuromuscular dentistry. She is among the few doctors in the country to have this advanced skill.

Perhaps you have seen other medical professionals for your constant pain in these areas. If you have not received any relief from physicians, neurologists, or chiropractors, it may be because your problem lies within a dental malocclusion. Dr. Shoemaker can give you the relief you seek, as she has done for hundreds of other patients with the same problem.

A Small Miracle in Relieving Migraines

If you would like an alternative to medication in relieving severe tension headaches and even migraines, let us tell you about the NTI™ device. This FDA-approved appliance will relax muscles surrounding the scalp to prevent or relieve most headaches. Over three-quarters of those who used this device to relieve pain had positive results – in fact, 77% fewer occurrences of migraines. It's easy to use and not expensive. Don't suffer any longer! Come in and let us discuss this exciting new technique with you.

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